PHi friends, I am being known as a volunteerly retired police officer and a practioner of numeric astrology, a research scholar and a writer.  I have written more than five hundred articles in various astrological magzines  exclusively in numeric astrology all those have ebeen highly appreciated by the readers from all over the world..  Articles were self-convincing to the readers.  I can point lout many many wonders of numerology.  I can convince you even the death can be predicted in numerology.  I can convince you that  a lucky name will help formulating bright future of the children.  I can convince you that  a lucky name and number will  help  for a peaceful atmosphere at home and to promote success of your business.  If my friends are needed helps from me please  free to contact me and I will be at your disposal to convince you the wonderful secrets of numerology.  For  horoscope prepairing , naming children, correcting names etc. will  also be adviced. First you will be convinced and  trhereafter you will be advised.aragraph.